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Powell Signature Flute – (.925) sterling silver hand-cut Signature-style headjoint, sterling silver body and mechanism, pinned mechanism, drawn tone holes, French (open hole) model, pointed key arms, 10K white gold springs, A=442, Straubinger pads, .016″ tubing, modern Powell scale, C or B footjoint. Handmade in USA

The Signature Type II Cut uses a broader lip plate for a more traditional “feel” on your mouth. The sound retains the core of the Powell sound, but a touch of brightness adds some additional character to the sound.

The most affordable handmade flute that Powell offers, this flute has a Sterling Silver headjoint, body, and mechanism. Signature Flutes have a traditional pinned mechanism, resulting in a lighter weight. The tone holes are drawn using a patented method of extrusion, and each flute bears the signature of Verne Q. Powell. The final mark of quality on this instrument is the handcut Signature II style headjoint, made and tested by the same headjoint makers who make the Custom headjoints.